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wednesday. "newshour" correspondent kwame holman has our report. >> reporter: steven miller-- the man forced out as acting head of the i.r.s.-- began by acknowledging failures. >> first and foremost, as acting commissioner, i want to apologize on behalf of the internal revenue service for the mistakes that we made and the poor service we provided. the affected organizations and the american public deserve better. partisanship or even the perception of partisanship has no place at the i.r.s. it cannot even appear to be a consideration in determining the tax exemption of an organization. >> reporter: but at the same time, miller asserted i.r.s. staffers did not act out of political motivation when they gave special scrutiny to tea party and other groups on the political right. >> i think that what happened here was that foolish mistakes were made by people trying to be more efficient in their workload selection. the listing described in the report, while intolerable, was a mistake and not an act of partisanship. >> reporter: miller resigned wednesday, at the behest of treasury secretary jack l
findings. commissioner shulman has not been replaced, so the acting commissioner, steven miller, has been called to testify before the ways and means committee here on capitol hill on friday. scott, it is miller's signature on some of those i.r.s. letters to congress insisting over the years that the i.r.s. was not honing in on conservative groups. >> pelley: more to come, nancy. thank you very much. in his news conference today, president obama seemed to have lost his patience with questions about the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya. ambassador chris stevens and three other americans were killed when militants attacked there last year. congressional republicans are investigating whether the administration was honest about what happened at the time that mr. obama was running for reelection. bill plante is at the white house for us tonight. bill? >> reporter: scott, the to review those e-mails discussing how that controversy was being responded to months ago and he criticized it, saying there's no there there. >> two to three days after susan rice appeared on the sunday shows-- using the
seat today, steven miller, the acting head of the irs was forced out this weekend, today a house committee will grill him about why he did not tell congress about the political targeting, here's cnn with the very latest. >> reporter: three days after the white house counsel's office was first notified of the irs targeting conservative groups, the man forced to resign sat before the house ways and means committee. >> let me report on this year's filing season. >> it was a friendly encounter. a routine update on the agency's proposed budget. >> my testimony outlines recent accomplishments. >> today he returns to the full committee to a different atmosphere, miller will be pressed by lawmakers on the information his agency gathered, not the tax checks. >> it's important that appear and come forward truthfully, openly and give us the real answers. >> president obama has tried to put out this fire. expressing outrage. vowing to hold people at the irs accountable. and quickly appointing a new acting commissioner who starts on the job next week. >> we've got to make sure that it is doin
steven miller signed some of the responses to lawmakers. he's expected to face some tough questions when he testifies before congress on friday. >> this is a big deal. we're not going to let it rest. >> reporter: house republicans are introducing a bill that would make it a crime for irs workers to discriminate against groups for their political views. and more are questioning who at the white house knew about this and when. the president said he learned of it all on friday but jay carney, the white house spokesman, said yesterday that the white house counsel learned about an investigation into this matter the week of april 22nd. >> susan mcginnis in washington. thank you, susan. >>> republican lawmakers are moving forward with their investigation of last year's attack on the u.s. mission in benghazi, libya. the obama administration continues to deny allegations of a coverup. the white house insists there was no effort to change the so-called talking points to downplay the possibility of terrorism. president obama says the investigation is politically motivated. >> the whole issue of tal
territory. >> reporter: in an op-ed today acting irs commissioner steven miller said mistakes were made but they were in no way due to any political or partisan motivation. he blamed too many cases and a lack of sensitivity, but there is a firestorm in congress, because miller knew a year ago that the irs had targeted conservative groups and said nothing. >> this is either one of the greatest cases of incompetence that i've ever seen or it was the irs willfully not telling congress the truth. >> reporter: today the attorney general said he's ordered an investigation by the fbi. >> i think as everyone can agree if not criminal, they were certainly outrageous and unacceptable, but we are examining the facts to see if there were criminal violations. >> but republicans are unlikely to accept the obama administration investigating itself. three congressional committees already have planned hearings into what interaction, if any, the irs had with treasury officials or the white house and into whether anyone at the irs has been fired. brian? >> lisa myers in our d.c. newsroom to start us off t
requested. >> mr. miller... reporter: the acting director of the i.r.s., steven miller, ignored our questions today after a closed-door meeting with the senate finance chairman. why didn't you tell the truth when you were asked directly by congress? >> we'll talk on friday, guys. reporter: the i.r.s. says miller was informed last may that tea party groups had been improperly scrutinized starting in 2010. but miller did not share that information with the house ways and means committee which oversees the i.r.s. despite repeated questions from the chairman, michigan republican dave camp, who was getting complaints from conservative groups. miller testified before your committee and was asked whether these tea party groups were being targeted. >> yes. in letter and before the committee he said it was not happening and now we found out not only was it happening but it had been happening for several years. he knew about it when he came before the committee and denied it. >> reporter: camp has called on miller to testify before the committee this friday, and, scott, he and other top offic
made the first comment targeting conservatives before the 2012 election. steven miller blames a lack of sensitivity by suggesting groups like the tea party to extra scrutiny. peabt is dancing himself on the scandal but tea partiers a target for years. remember enemies, punish your enemies. there is a lovely one i can't repeat by david axelrod about the tea party. i wouldn't say it out loud. greg, we a talked about the scandals. i'm going to ask you a question. the white house says they have known about this for two weeks, but nobody tells president obama. also, why didn't they get in front of the story and explain outrage before it dribbles out at this conference. it doesn't make sense. >> greg: that is why it makes me think it's probably worse, they did it on the middle of benghazi and did it on friday. then they ran -- by the way, these are not investigations, these are targeted assassinations. who knew the irs had a drone program. >> dana: here is question in the questionnaire to get tax status, you are one of these groups and sensitive questionnaire. it's so long, basically its b
investigations. many are furious that acting irs commissioner steven miller failed to reveal the misconduct on several occasions. >> in a letter and before the committee said it was not happening. now not only do we find out not only was it happening but it was happening for several years and he knew about it before he came before the committee and tenned it. >> i don't have a comment for that, but thank you, guys. >> reporter: refused to answer reporters questions following a closed-door meeting on capitol hill thursday. he will tell lawmakers his side of the story friday when he testifies before the ways and means committee. the president has ordered the treasury secretary to implement recommendations to improve oversight. >> thank you. >>> sure to be asked about another obama administration controversy, the justice department's secret examination of ap phone records. holder says he had nothing to do with that decision but defended the action. bob orr reports. >> reporter: that investigation is aimed at finding who inside the government leaked c eed clad information. collected phone logs
: lawmakers are also conducting their own investigation. many are furious that acting irs commissioner steven miller failed to reveal the misconducts on several occasions. >> in a letter and before the committee says it was not happening. but it had been happening for years and he knew about it when he came before the committee and denied it. >> i don't have a comment. thank you, guys. >> reporter: miller refused to answer reporter questions following a closed-door meeting on capitol hill tuesday. he will tell lawmakers his side of the story friday when he testifies before the house ways and means committee. susan mcginnis, cbs news, washington. >> two additional congressional committees are also investigating the irs. >>> meanwhile, attorney general holder will also face questions today on other matters including the justice department's gathering of "associated press" phone records. he will face the republican led house judiciary committee. holder says the phone records were part of a probe into national security leaks that put the american people at risk. ap officials say it was an unprece
groups. >> mr. obama says acting commissioner steven miller was asked to resign and he did. the president called actions by the irs unveiled by a treasury inspector general inexcuseable. he says this will not be tolerated. >> i'll do everything to make sure nothing like this happens again. by holding responsible party as ktable, putting in place checks and safeguards and going forward making sure the laws applied as it should be. in a fair, impartial way. >> the commence came after attorney general holder testified before the house committee today, telling lawmakers his department will look into potential civil rights violation and happening now in kern county, take a look at the city's plan consuming forest land. 750 acres so far. the wildfire burning in frasier park between bakersfield and los angeles. these are live pictures. the ground fire prompted evacuation of a nearby high school. there is a mandatory evacuation order. we'll have updates at 5:00 and on twitter. >> here in the bay area, sky 7 over a smaller brush fire burning in san jose. close to highway 87 in west tailor street.
tea party groups that had applied for tax-exempt status. in response, acting commissioner steven miller is out of a job. >> it's inexcusable and americans are right to be angry about it and i am angry about it. i will not tolerate this kind of behavior in any agency but especially in the irs given the power that it has and the reach that it has in all of our lives. >> congress has promised its own investigation into the scandal. today the president said he would work with lawmakers. we have much more on the other steps the president wants to take coming up on the "cbs evening news with scott pelley" at 5:30. >>> they are happening more and more. dog attacks on letter carriers. the california city that has the most and where one bay area city stands on the list. >> visions of champagne wishes and caviar dreams ahead of tonight's $360 million powerball jackpot. the national record set by california. >> maybe you felt the wind today. it increaseed as did the cloud cover. and nature isn't done throwing us curveballs. we are cloudy inland. ail talk about a rain chance in the forecast,
. steven miller was asked to step down in the aftermath of the irs scandal that showed the agency improperly targeted conservative groups. the president has called the irs conduct inexcusable. >>> days after revealing she had a double mastectomy angelina jolie says she is taking another radical step to reduce her risk of cancer. today the 37-year-old actress says she is planning surgery to have her ovaries removed. her doctors say she has a 50% chance of developing oi vair yen cancer. remember that took her mother's life at the age of 56. 70% of women who test positive for the gene have their ovaries removed. >>> what is hidden in your food could affect your health. >> 7 on your side's michael finney is here with a special investigation. >> if your dog has allergies you could be giving them food making them sick without even knowing you are doing it. parents are diligent about reading labels, but the labels don't tell the whole story. >> and powerball pandemonium. they have drawn the numbers, but do we have a winner for the $360 million jackpot? >> and a dear catches a ride on the
, steven miller, is out. the resignation coming after an explosion of outrage. >> my question is, who's going to jail? >> reporter: the scandal keeps growing. more conservatives have come forward claiming they too were targeted by the irs. the preacher, franklin graham, suggested the irs audited his charities after he stood up against gay marriage. fighting another toxic topic, the white house finally gave in to republican demands and released the e-mails among officials in the days after the attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya. they show, as abc news reported, that talking points underwent 12 revisions, many of the changes made after the state department expressed concerns. the edits removed references to an al qaeda affiliate, as well as references to previous cia warnings about terror threats in benghazi. not an easy day for the obama administration. president obama will take on these controversies and more during a news conference later today. john and diana. >> tahman, thank you. >>> attorney general eric holder was grilled on capitol hill about several of the obama a
to resign amid controversy. president obama made the announcement about steven miller yesterday. he said the public's truswas breached when the irs flagged applications for tax-exempt status from conservative groups. the president called the action inexcusable. >> i will not tolerate this kind of behavior in any agency but especially in the irs. >> the fbi is looking into possible criminal wrongdoing and three congressional committees are starting their own investigation. >>> meanwhile, the white house has released 100 pages of documents in connection with last year's deadly attack on a u.s. diplomatic post in benghazi, libya. the one email shows then cia director david petraeus objected to the final talking points that u.n. ambassador susan rice used five days after the attack. petraeus wanted to see more details publicly released including a warning from the cia about plans for an embassy attack. >>> a new orleans man suspected of shooting more than a dozen people during a mother's day parade is behind bars this morning. investigators arrested 19-year- old akeem scott last night. polic
of the action commissioner steven miller. this all following revelations the agency singled out conservative groups who applied for a certain tax exempt status. attorney general eric holder telling congress he is going through with a criminal investigation of the irs. >>> coming up, terrifying minutes for a mother after her stroller falls onto tracks with her toddler inside. we'll show you what happened next. >>> and possibly putting your family at risk. the latest safety reports on small suv dz as and it is not g >>> cisco shines on the stock market. we'll take a look why that company is so important coming up in business news. ♪ we don't have a ten step filtering process for our water. we don't need it. because crystal geyser is made by nature, not by man. crystal geyser is always bottled at the mountain source. >>> no matter how many times i've looked at this video, it scares me every time. a heart-stopping moment for a mother in philadelphia when her stroller rolled off a train platform and onto the tracks. she was on the platform yesterday afternoon when the stroller slowly started to
are out of a job in the wake of the irs scandal. acting commissioner steven miller was fired yesterday. today, the man who ran the division that gave extra scrutiny to conservative groups says he is resigning. the president addressed the scandal again today saying the white house knew nothing about it. >> the minute i found out about it, then my main focus is making sure that we get the thing fixed. i think we're going to be able to figure out exactly what happened, who was involved, what went wrong. >> today the president named white house budget official daniel werfel as head of the irs. >>> a person of interest now murder suspects in the triple stabbing in san jose. police booked ruben ramirez this morning for killing his mother and 1-year-old nephew. he tastes attempted murder for the -- faces attempted murder for the stabbing of his 3-year- old niece who survived the attack. a six-hour hunt for him ended last night about 50 miles from the house where police say it all happened. it was on viewmont avenue in east san jose. ramirez was arrested in san francisco. authorities say ramir
steven miller asked to resign amid revelations the irs improperly singled out conservative groups. the president said replacing the commissioner is just the first step. >> we're going to make sure we gather up the facts and hold accountable and responsible anyone involved in this. >> and this afternoon a second top irs official announced he plans to leave the agency according to an internal memo the commissioner of the agency's tax exempt and government enti to -- entities division will resign. >> a rescue mission underway near mountain view. scientists are trying to save this, their prized keppler space craft. the keppler telescope discovered thousands of planets in just four years but right now, it's not doing anything. >> the telescope has to be positioned precisely and the mechanism is broken. the keppler completed its primary mission, now just in what is called extended science period. the telescope launched in 2009. heading into the final frontier and looking for planet autos we have 280 earth-sized plants. 850 planets twice the size of earth. >> this. the telescope has to b
commissioner of the irs, steven miller, today when he testifies at a congressional hearing about that targeting and a second irs official has also been forced to resign in the wake of this scandal. in washington yesterday tea party activists gathered promising to sue the irs. >>> a man from the former soviet republic of uzbekistan makes an appearance in federal court today after being arrested on terror charges. he was taken into custody at an apartment in boise, idaho, which federal agents combed for evidence. the 30-year-old man is accused of conspiring with a known terror group in his home country. prosecutors say he was also involved in a scheme to use a weapon of mass destruction. >>> and abc news has learned the fbi has searched an apartment in manchester, new hampshire. it's the home of a former rebel leader from chechnya. the man admits to meeting with boston marathon bombing suspect tamerlan tsarnaev at least a month before the attack, but he says he was not involved. also, an official says the younger tsarnaev wrote anti-american rants on the side of a boat where he was hiding from po
on capitol hill, with a congressional committee probing for answers in the irs scandal. steven miller, the acting commissioner who recently resigned from the internal revenue service "under pressure" is expected to testify. reports say miller was aware irs employees purposely gave extra scrutiny to conservative groups applying for tax-exempt status. and an irs statement says another official, joseph grant, commissioner of the agency's tax-exempt and government entities division, willjunerd. yesterday, president obama named daniel werfel as the new acting commissioner of the agency. werfel, controller of the white house budget office, heads to the irs next week. during a news conference yesterday, the president told reporters he sees no need for a special prosecutor to investigate the irs scandal. he believes the congressional and justice department investigations will be sufficient to figure out what happened. in bangladesh, 300 garment factories are reopening today after closing for three days over safety concerns. last month a factory collapse there killed 1100 people. worker unres
. former acting commissioner steven miller who resigned under pressure is expected to testify. yesterday president obama named miller's replacement, white house budget official daniel werfel. he is expected to stay on through september. president obama says it was only last week that he learned about the extra scrutiny given to conservative groups that were seeking tax-exempt status. >> the minute i found out about it, then my main focus is making sure that we get the thing fixed. >> house speaker john boehner and other republicans are calling for a criminal investigation. >>> meanwhile, the president is pledging to leave no stone unturned to reduce sexual assaults in the armed forces. he held a meeting yesterday with military leaders. according to pentagon estimates, up to 26,000 military members may have been sexually abused last year. meanwhile, on capitol hill, bipartisan support is growing for an overhaul of the military justice system. >>> 4:47. a hitchhiker became an internet hero is now accused of murder. 24-year-old caleb mcgillvary is accused of beating a new jersey lawyer to d
's wrong to abuse tax system this is an outrage fr all americans. >> steven miller apologized but denies there was political pressure. >> i do not believe partisanship motivated people. i think that what happened here was that foolish mistakes were made by people trying to be more efficient in work load selection. >> republicans allege a cover up but republicans point out many were appointees of former president george w. bush. >> a former attorney for o.j. simpson testified the former star about d.know his buddies were armed when they twont a hotel room to reclaim sports memorabilia. and simpson claimed he didn't know his friends were carrying guns. he his friend testify that had is not true. >> he had told me if he knew he had screwed up and knew there were guns involved. >> simpson is seeking a new trial. >> breaking news now in connecticut two. train trains have collided. you can see here on the tracks. we understand 20-25 people are injured there are no reports of any fatalities at this point. one train headed to new york another westbound through connecticut here. a major problem t
director steven miller grilled in the first of a series of hearings on the targeting of conservative interest groups. accusations, denials, and few answers to who knew what and when. eamon javers following the hearing from washington. >> good evening. there were a few answers. miller testified for just about four hours all told, republicans, very eager to get answers to their questions, producing a number of very uncomfortable moments for miller. take a look. >> so that was a lot of questions, sir. >>ith one. how can we conclude you did not mislead this committee? >> i did not mislead the committee. >> you are a law enforcement agency for crying out loud. i was a cop for 33 years. you raised your right hand today. did this committee had the right to know what you knew? yes or no? >> i answered all questions truthfully, i also will tell you that it was -- >> let me ask you -- i'm going to go to mr. george because you're not going to cooperate with me, mr. miller, and you have been uncooperative during the hearing. >> what day did the conversation take place? >> i would have to look ba
. >> reporter: and the man in the hot seat? ousted acting commissioner steven miller, didn't entirely disagree. >> we provided horrible customer service here. i will admit that. we did horrible customer service. >> reporter: what was that? >> horrible customer service. >> reporter: miller began with an apology. >> on behalf of the internal revenue service -- >> reporter: but he didn't seem all that apologetic. in fact, he insisted the targeting of conservative groups had nothing to do with politics. >> were groups treated differently? that's the question. because of their belief, policy position or their name? >> no. >> reporter: but wait a minute, the words used to decide which groups to target included "tea party" and "patriot" and none of the familiar liberal buzz words. >> there were no progressive or organizing buzz words that were used for targeting, is that correct? >> correct. >> reporter: miller said he didn't know what was going on until march 2012 and insisted he had absolutely no idea who started it all. >> who was responsible? >> i don't have that name, sir. >> who is responsible
to get them by holding the first hearing on the irs scandal. outgoing commissioner steven miller was asked to testify before the house ways and means committee. >> as acting commissioner i want to apologize on behalf of the irs for mistakes we made and poor service we provided. >> do you believe it is illegal for employees of the irs to create lists to targeted individual groups and citizens in this country? >> i don't believe it is. >> you know the terms tea party patriots were being used and you acknowledged they were outrageous. when you were asked about this after you were briefed that was the answer i gave snus how can we conclude you mislead the committee? >> i did not. >> can you assure this committee that none of this information by was shared or given to any other federal agency? >> i would be shocked, congressman, if that happened. >> kimberly: i think they are just getting started. i would say this is the tip of the iceberg. >> eric: yesterday, we ran the soundbite of eric holder. the sound on tape montage, i don't know, i don't know. i can't say. i don't know. we did
, a few rogue employees. we heard that from the acting commissioner before he was fired this week, steven miller. that's not true. >> right. by the way, the people of ohio must be delighted to know that cincinnati is now some sort of political backwater all of a sudden. by the way, this is a situation where they had specifically centralized all of the looking at this, these tax exempt organizations in cincinnati. then they turn around and say, oh, whoops. actually guess what? we weren't paying any attention over there. so that whole line is really sort of absurd. quite a side, by the way, from whatever coordination there was as this information was run up to the chain to washington, which we now know it was as early as 2011. >> we also know there was some letters that had been sent from democrats on capitol hill, including max baucus, the head of the senate finance committee, chuck schumer, very powerful democrat on the finance committee, essentially challenging the irs to go after these tax exempt groups. so there is a sense -- while we don't know to what extent the irs at least we don'
of responsibility over these actions. >> the outgoing i.r.s. acting commissioner, steven miller, pushed out because of the scandal called ingram a, quote, suburb civil service. >> a new federal report shows inmates in several jails across the country face the highest abuse of abuse at the hands of guards. now to some of the stories expected to make headlines in the week ahead. it's a big week for the kid in all of us as microsoft is set to unveil the future of gaming while disney prepares to rock and roller coaster all night long. here's those stories and more. >> monday's ireland's prime minister is delivering the commencement speech at boston college's graduation. cardinal shaun o'malley says he'll boycott the ceremony because of the prime minister's support for pro abortion rights in ireland. and florida governor rick scott is going to keynote the annual party in florida. n florida. wednesday, releaese witherspoon heads to court. she faces disorderly conduct charges for allegedly talking back to officers during her husband's d.u.i. arrest in atlanta. she was in town working on the indy drama, "t
. that is just implausible. >> reporter: irs commissioner steven miller testified on friday that his technical advisor told him the name of the person responsible for targeting tea party and patriot groups but he said he doesn't remember it. there are two more hearings this week at which congress will try to get its answer. jim. >> sharyl, thank you. >> five numbers and the powerball. tonight it adds up to more than $590 million dollars. and the biggest powerball jackpot ever. a single ticket with the winning number was sold at a supermarket in zephyr hills florida. ashley porter is there. ashley? >>. >> reporter: well, jim, this wing ticket was bought at this publix in zephyr hills 30 miles outside of tampa. we don't know who the lucky winner is yet but even if this person wanted to come forward today to officially claim that prize, they couldn't. because the florida lottery office doesn't open until tomorrow. but once this person does come forward, they will be the winner of one of the largest lottery jackpots ever. and also the biggest single ticket payout in american history. now to give y
revenue service targeted conservative tea party groups for special scrutiny. the acting chief, steven miller, was forced out and today, he was hauled before a house committee to explain why it happened. this was the gist of his defense. >> i do not believe that partisanship motivated the people who engaged in the practices described in the treasury inspector general's report. i've reviewed the inspector general's report and believe the conclusions are consistent with that. i think what happened here was foolish mistakes were made by people trying to be more efficient in their workload selection. gwen: the good news is there was bipartisan outrage all directed at the government agency taxpayers love to hate. the i.r.s. not with new reasons. >> not at all. the biggest news out of this is the treasury tax watchdog said he began telling senior treasury department officials about the fact that he was looking into this last summer. it started with the general counsel and then the deputy treasury secretary. that piqued the trf lawmakers of both parties -- the interest of lawmakers of both pa
and current acting commissioner steven miller. these responded in usa today saying mistakes were made but they were in no way due to political or partisan motivation. we are and will continue to be dedicated to reviewing all applications for tax-exempt status in an impartial manner. on friday the irs blame the officials in the cincinnati office for targeting conservative groups applications for tax exemption. since then investigators say irs leadership in washington has known for some time, treasury inspector general timeline released by a senate republican show's officials began searching for tea party groups in march of 2010, a month later managers there and washington began issuing reports and in august the irs instructed its agents to identify tea party applications. in june of 2011. the director of exam organizations attended the briefing where officials discuss their targeting of conservative groups. less than six months later the irs was targeting a larger group of conservative organizations and in march of last year than commissioner doug schulman testified the irs was not tar
that steven miller answered at a hearing yesterday. >> did you ever have any contact either by e-mail, phone or in. person with the white house regarding the targeting of tax exempt groups from 2010 until today? >> absolutely not. >> let's bring in our legal guys. avery freedman is joining us. good to see you. >> hi, fredricka. >> and richard herman joining us from las vegas. good to see you as well. >> hey, fred. >> steven miller resigned this week as acting commissioner, but he still showed up on capitol hill yesterday facing tough questions. you heard his response. miller said that the irs division that handles request for tax exempt status was, in his words, overloaded because of the supreme court's 2010 citizens united decision. explain the correlation there. >> in 2010 the supreme court in that citizens united gave overly broad powers now to corporations and many corporations flooded the irs to get tax exempt status. what the irs did here was really put the screws to certain groups seeki inin ining the status of group is involved with political activity, you're disqualified. so that wa
obama blasting those involved. steven miller is admitting mistakes were made. >> on friday he will be questioned by a house committee in congress. among those under scrutiny for what he didn't tell lawmakers, nancy cordes on capitol hill. good morning. >> good morning, norah and charlie. lawmakers are furious, particularly republicans who repeatedly asked the irs about reports that tea party groups were targeted and were always told it wasn't happening. the house weighs and means committee began asking the irs about reports that the tea party was being targeted and were told it wasn't happening. they rebuffed questions and insisting that decisions were not influenced by political considerations. in may 2012 two months after the commissioner said this to the house ways and means committee. >> absolutely no targeting. >> reporter: his deputy steven miller, briefed by investigators who told him s targeted groups that had words like tea party, patriots and government spending in their title. miller, the acting commissioner did not acknowledge errors when ask
, this is their first time to speak out as well. presumably will be defending the irs. it's not clear how steven miller will react. roll.he first head to the second one was forced to resign yesterday, but he was not first. story,ou figure in this this is the incoming actor/director, daniel were ful. guest: we are getting rid of the people who caused the problem, we are installing a new civil servants, people can be trusted by the public. the irs has a key role in helping implement the health care law that your callers are talking about. so republicans see this whole scandal as an opportunity to gain ground in terms of their arguments against the president's health care law, saying how could you trust this tax agency which unfairly targeted conservatives with implementing a huge law? so president obama would like to tamp down the scandal as much as possible and say this agency had bad apples but. we clean but. host: is it significant that dan was also part of the bush administration? guest: yes, there's something to be set for reaching across the aisle when you are trying to build support for nominee, t
for the resignation of steven miller, the acting irs commissioner, supposed to leave next monthnyway. republicans blame the administration. >> this is run away government at its worst. who knows who they'll target next. it's going to be a complete and thorough investigation of this in congress, not only who abovat the ranking file believed was their mission. connell: mcconnell says it should be a sweeping administration-wide investigation to see if it happened in other places other %-we don't know who set the criteria in place to target conservative groups who were applying for tax exempt status. president obama last evening took to the east room of the white house ensuring americans it will not happen again. >> up excusable, and americans right to be angry about it, and i'm angry. i will not tolerate the behavior, but especially in the irs given the power and reach it has in all our lives. >> hearings begin here tomorrow on the house sides, ways and means committee next week, and senate finance committee and house oversight and government reform committee gets business -- busy on the irs story.
's one of our top stories today. outgoing irs commissioner steven miller was on the hot seat this morning taking members from the house ways and means committee. trying to get to the bottom of the scandal with the irs targeting con serve tiff groups. my next guest is member of that committee. congressman. jim renacci from ohio. thanks for joining us. >> thank you for having me. lori: you were the last questioner. and got miller to admit he was outraged about these allegations on two different occasions but miller was not compelled to notify anyone in congress. >> that is amazing. when i came before congress he was not outraged. he admitted he was outraged a few mmnths earlier than that. these are things disturbing to the american people and something we have to get to the bottom of. lori: what did you make of his, we were horrible and customer service but we were not biased excuse? >> again, as a businessman for almost three decades it's appalling the answers he gave. as i said, as somebody who represented taxpayers you have to be able, irs would never have accepted the answer he gave us
their powers behind bars, and marco rubio calling on acting commissioner steven miller to resign. and senate minority leader mitch mcconnell calling on president obama today to quote, take some responsibility. >> the verdict is in. the dramatic courtroom details and murder trial of abortion doctor kermit gosnell. what will be the political implication. >> obama administration has an enemy's list. conservatives under attack by the irs. jenny bath martin cofounder of tea party patriots is joining us next. at od, whatever business you're in, that's the business we're in with premium servicelike t on-time delivery records and a low claims ratio, we do whatever it takes to make your busins our business. od. helping the world keep promises. from capital one... boris earns unlimited rewards for his small business. can i get the smith contct, ease? thank you. that's three new paper shredders. [ boris ] put 'em on my spark card. [ garth ] boris' small business earns 2% cash back on every pchase every day. great businesses deserve unlimited rewards. read back the chicken's stimony, please. "buk, buk,
site of things, what could this produce? >> well, right now steven miller is talking about, well, this happened because of x and y and all kinds of excuses. now all of a sudden -- >> shepard: some people did it. >> now you have to shut up because the attorney general is clear, he said within the irs code there are criminal -- there are potential criminal violation layings and within title 18, the criminal code of the federal government there may be violations. so now the bull's eye is on the irs by the fbi and the attorney general's office in my opinion, this is another example where you're better off having a special prosecutor, something with nothing to do with politics, an attorney in private practice. bring him in doesn't have a horse in the race, and let them do this investigation. >> shepard: you know who this is good news for? >> us. >> shepard: it's in news for 501c4s, for anybody who wants run our government for us also they have since they changed the law. now anybody with bills of dollars goes scot-free into running the government. no? that how it works? >> there's a p
-- steven miller, asked about the politically active -- that complain they were being harassed. how their applications were handled and he said they grouped those organizations together to ensure consistency to -- the noise we heard has abated. what's concerning congress -- july 2012, it's clear from this ig report there was concern about how this was dealt with before july 2012. what was he doing with that statement, either claiming nothing was wrong or covering up whether there was an investigation looking into what was wrong. >> i don't think he was forthright and later on, he got more information, he should have come back to congress with our oversight responsibility and told us what was going on. so there was total mismanagement as i said. also, i think there was a failure of oversight by them and there was a failure when they got more information to come and tell us that. that is inexcusable and o outrangeous and i think that's true. >> how do we fix the irs? where does it begin? what's your advice to the president? >> i think he said there has to be total accountability. and
starting with steven miller. we'll know that shortly. and now calling for again immediate shield law, which remember republicans blocked in 2009, president obama supported it then, and working with chuck shum shum -- schumer to bring it back, i think that's very, very important. it's needed, and for the white house to support it really helps them get over as they say the biggest hurdle of all. >> michael: tell our viewers what the shield law would do. >> it would make it tougher and a big tougher test for the justice department to have to go -- and to be able to go to reporters and demand their sources and demand the record of any emails or any phone calls or any meetings with -- with their sources. there is an exception -- there would be an exception in it for matters of true national security. and that is always a sticky point, michael. >> michael: right. >> it has to be in there, but how do you define that is what republicans were able to use to stop this law in 2009. they wanted a much tighter test on national security. so the media shield law is a fine b
this, why is the acting commissioner, steven miller, why want there a real one? why has he had to go, when from what i hear he was not actually running the irs when all of this went on? >> you asked the money question because that is what everybody was e-mailing me to ask. no, he was not in charge when this happened. but you know, the man on top always takes the fall when something gets screwed up, bottom line, right? he was not in charge when all of this went down. but he is in he was in charge when there was misrepresentation of this problem to congress. so he has to take some responsibility for that. and the auditor's report found there was shoddy management when he was on top. so he has to take responsibility for that. and in a letter to his staff, he said look, we have to resteady the boat and it will reset the team. i don't think it will end here, but it is a start, piers. >> and the fallout from the ap scandal, this morning, the obama administration wanted to reintroduce legislation to protect the identities of those sources from federal officials, where is that going? >> well
that acting irs commissioner steven miller was asked to resign and he did so. irs agents improperly screened kirt groups' plying for tax exempt status and the president calls this inexcusable. >> i will do everything in my power to make sure nothing like that happens again by holding the responsible parties accountable and putting in place new checks and new safeguards and going forward by making sure that the law is applied as it should be in a fair and impartial way. >> the president's comments came after attorney general eric holder testified today. he told lawmakers that his department will look into poe he tension civil rights violations, false statements and potential violations of the hatch act which prohibits federal employees from engaging in partisan political activities. >>> the norcal tea party is one of those targeted by the irs apparently. the irs held up the application for tax exempt status for three years. mark matthews met with her are this afternoon and has the story. >> ginny rafini says she just found out about the the accusations. >> i got a phone call from a reporter a
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